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      Corporate Culture
      Original Aspiration

      ‘The manufacturing industry is the foundation of China. Strong manufacturing industry lead to a strong country!’ From the previous difficult foothold to the champion of cable’s industry, we always believe that details determine success or failure. At the same time, a belief in success and believe in ‘technology changes life’ is what makes us successful.

      Zhuhai Y&Y has always been accustomed to the policy of "quality first, customer first", and has been committed to providing customers with the best products. With high standards and strict quality control, the craftsman spirit makes Y&Y stand out from the competitive cable industry and grow stronger and stronger. We’ve became a long-term strategic partner of large well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

      At present, Zhuhai Y&Y has started to lay out intelligent engineering construction. Our products have been widely used in network intelligent generic cabling engineering. Mr. Huang Yuerong (Kimbi Huang), the chairman of Y&Y, said that in the near future, Y&Y will enter the field of smart home, develop new and better products to realize the words ‘technology changes life’.

      Business Philosophy
      • MISSION

        Always at your service,
        Connect your future.

      • VISION

        Build a century enterprise,
        Become a leader of China's manufacturing industry

      • CONCEPTS

        Excellence Quality, Customer-centric
        Integrity in Business world, Social Responsibility

      Brand: RISING SUN

      Zhuhai Y&Y has launched the ‘Rising Sun’ brand strategy to enter the domestic and foreign markets from 2017. Our optical fiber products’ quality is far ahead and has become the leading brand in AOC industry. In the future, ‘Rising Sun’ will strive to provide customers with best quality, best service, best cost performance and the most competitive advantage cables in the market and build a first-class brand of global intelligent engineering products and equipment.

      Products Position
      • High Definition

        Ultra HD visual experience
      • High Efficiency

        High bandwidth and high-speed transmission
      • Superior Quality

        Project level quality assurance
      • Stunning Beauty

        Innovative patent appearance

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